• Neutral and independent.

    Most wealth managers operate with hidden fees and want to sell their own products. Loyal only charges a transparent fee and selects the most suitable banks and products at the best market conditions. For your interests only.

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  • No hidden fees.

    Most wealth managers operate with hidden fees and want to sell their own products. Loyal only charges a transparent fee and selects the most suitable banks and products at the best market conditions. For your interests only.

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  • 100% transparent; for your interests only.

    Most wealth managers operate with hidden fees and want to sell their own products. Loyal only charges a transparent fee and selects the most suitable banks and products at the best market conditions. For your interests only.

    Feel the difference
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We are Loyal

100% transparent. For your interests only!

Loyal represents a modern format of Wealth Management (Asset Management, Family Office, Investment Consulting, Financial Advisory), based on a combination of innovative investment strategies and traditional financial centers, namely Switzerland (Liechtenstein), Bahamas and United States of America.

Loyal is headquartered in Switzerland and works 100% independently and neutrally with banks and product issuers.


The Loyal Difference

Loyal Advantages

The Absolute Return principle

Positive earnings, no matter the market situation. Loyal offers exclusive access to investments which were previously reserved exclusively for institutional investors and ultra high net-worth individuals.

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  • "Absolute Return" character on investments, generating stable profits regardless of market changes or the economic situation in general.
  • High performance for your portfolio: looking for net returns of 10% per year.
  • Regular earnings regardless of crises or crashes, through some of the best Absolute Return products in the world.
  • Constant research of the best products available worldwide through strategic partnerships.
Loyal Advantages

Access to global markets

Through the most trusted financial centers worldwide: Switzerland (Liechtenstein), Bahamas, United States of America. Loyal offers more safety via global and innovative investment strategies only available in traditional financial centers.

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  • Maintenance of resources in the financial centers Switzerland (Liechtenstein), Bahamas and United States of America, with lower exposure to social-political-economic-monetary risks.
  • Full access to all financial products worldwide, without restrictions of markets, instruments or products.
  • Zero-risk obsession to avoid loss of the principal invested.
  • Our partner banks are traditional and solid ones.
Loyal Advantages

100% neutral and independent

Against banks and products. As a neutral and independent financial advisor, Loyal can always search for the most suitable banks and financial products; at best market conditions. And for your interests only.

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  • Performance fee paid by the client only, no hidden extras.
  • Purchase of financial products at best market conditions, preferably directly at the stock exchanges.
  • Independent selection of financial products without favoritism, conflict of interests or corporate obligations.
  • Your advisor only gets his fee, if he generates a return for you.



Global and innovative

We open private bank accounts in Switzerland (Liechtenstein), Singapore and United States of America within a few working days and at one of our many partner banks (multi-currency accounts with choice of 4 currencies).

We structure and manage a portfolio made up of financial products based on the best-of-breed financial products worldwide, such as structured notes and Absolute Return strategies. All financial products (securities) are held in your safe-keeping bank account at one of our partner banks.

Regardless of our core business we can complement your safe-keeping bank account with the following services and solutions:

  •  Incorporation of offshore companies in third-country jurisdictions;
  •  Handling of commercial transactions through a current (or merchant) bank account;
  •  Lombard loans;
  • Structuring of private investment funds;
  •  Issuing of debit and credit cards.


Global Citizens

Loyal Asset Clients

The New Wealth Management Client

Our clients are international, mostly from emerging countries, and represent a new group of successful individuals and families looking for neutral advice on global and innovative investment opportunities and flexible financial services.

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Loyal has a track record of fulfilling clients’ expectations of both multiplying their capital and giving them access to more information and innovation, so that they can benefit from opportunities and market trends worldwide, without restrictions of markets, instruments or financial products.

Working with a specialized wealth management like Loyal pays dividends in two ways: you get stable profits at low risks without having to take more investment decisions. And this means: you have more time to enjoy the most beautiful things in life: your loved ones, your hobbies and your interests.

Loyal Asset Clients

Multicultural understanding

The international, multicultural and modern Internet-based approach of Loyal is one of our success factors. Native speakers and market insiders look after you. Our team is highly international and speaks many foreign languages.

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Our clients include:

. High net-worth individuals

. Medium-sized companies

. Non-regulated financial advisors (or wealth managers)

. Attorneys

. Tax consultants and public auditors (as introducing business partners)


Three Traditional and Solid Financial Centers for Custody

Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Wealth Management at home


Banking at the Wealthiest


The Bahamas Advantage

Switzerland /
USA Bahamas
  • Loyal Asset Locations


    Switzerland´s history is closely linked to the origin of private banking and wealth management. Its long banking tradition and the great importance of its financial institutions make Switzerland a key financial center.

    With less than 8 million people, Switzerland is the world leader in the category "Private Wealth Management", managing 28% of assets around the world. In terms of global assets under management (AUM - Assets Under Management), Switzerland occupies the 3rd. position worldwide, only behind the USA and the United Kingdom.

    The Principality of Liechtenstein

    The Principality of Liechtenstein, a sovereign state since 1806, is situated between Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy based on a lifelong democratic and parliamentary government. Through this unique form of government, political decisions are taken by consensus between the monarchy, parliament and the people. The royal palace and the seat of government are located in the capital city of Vaduz.

    Through a customs agreement with Switzerland, Liechtenstein has been part of the Economic and Customs Zone of Switzerland since 1924. The Swiss Franc is the official currency. It also belongs to the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Like Switzerland, Liechtenstein has a long tradition in banking and financial services. Bank secrecy is today even stricter than in Switzerland.

    The advantages of Switzerland and Liechtenstein:

    . Banking secrecy and high discretion standards

    . High political, social, legal, economic and monetary stability

    . Liberal economic policy and company law

    . Low-moderate corporate taxes

    . Solid financial policy of country’s public budgets

    . Strong Swiss Franc as legal tender

    . AAA national rating by Moody's and Standard & Poor's

    . Niche financial products that are non-compliant in other open economies

  • Loyal Asset Locations


    The Financial Services Industry in the United States of America

    The United States is the wealthiest country in the World and private banking center number one in terms of assets under management. It is unnecessary to mention all key figures and indicators of its financial markets. The size and dominance of its banking houses is worldwide known as well.

    Financial markets in the United States are the largest and most liquid in the world. In 2014, finance and insurance represented 7.2 percent (or $1.26 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. Leadership in this large, high-growth sector translates into substantial economic activity and direct and indirect job creation in the United States. 

    Investment in the U.S. financial services industry offers significant advantages for financial firms. In 2012, at least 132 of Fortune’s Global 500 companies have chosen to locate their headquarters in the United States to take advantage of its creative, competitive, and comprehensive financial services sector. The industry offers the greatest array of financial instruments and products to allow consumers to manage risk, create wealth, and meet financial needs. 

    Banking: As of the end of 2012, the U.S. banking system had $14.45 trillion in assets. It supports the world’s largest economy with the greatest diversity in banking institutions and concentration of private credit. In thesecond quarter of 2013, earnings grew by 23 percent to $42.3 billion, marking the 16th consecutive quarter of rising earnings.

    Asset Management:  The U.S. asset management subsector is unrivaled in its depth and diversity. U.S. asset managers are currently meeting the pension management needs of over 55 percent of the global retirement market. Total U.S. pension assets were $18.9 trillion at the end of 2012. Moreover, if insurance assets and mutual funds are included, U.S. asset managers held more than $39.6 trillion of long-term conventional assets under management in 2012, or 45% of the global total for these funds.  Conventional funds were equivalent to 298 percent of U.S. GDP.

    Venture Capital: The United States created the venture capital industry and maintains the oldest and most dominant position worldwide. In 2012, venture capital-backed companies employed more than 12 million people and generated nearly $3 trillion in revenue. Respectively, these figures accounted for 11 percent of private sector employment and annually VC-backed companies have generated revenue equal to 21 percent of U.S. GDP. (Source: NVCA)

  • Loyal Asset Locations

    The Bahamas Advantage

    It is not by chance that The Bahamas is the most successful international financial centre in the Caribbean today. More than 80 years of thought, effort and co-operation have produced ideal conditions for High and, indeed, Ultra High Net Worth individuals, families and businesses to manage their wealth efficiently in comfort and style.

    The country’s mature financial services industry, established infrastructure, progressive government, tax neutral environment and luxury lifestyle all have been cultivated very carefully to satisfy the specific needs of this most exclusive clientele.

    The advantages of doing business in the Bahamas are as clear as the crystal waters surrounding the 700 islands of the archipelago:

    Strategic Location: the Bahamas is situated at the Crossroads of the Americas, just 65 miles off the east coast of Florida. It is an ideal hub for regional investment and business in the Eastern United States and Canada, and much of Central and South America.

    It also offers a favourable location for ownership of intangible assets, and the operation of corporate offices and businesses involved in international trade.

    Wealth and Asset Management: the Bahamas offer owners of capital a broad choice of financial institutions that deliver myriad services including banking, private banking and trust services, investment fund administration, capital markets, investment advisory services, accounting and legal services, e-commerce, insurance, and corporate and shipping registries. The Bahamas is home to over 270 licensed banks and trust companies including seven of the world’s top eight private banks and 35 of the top 100 global banks. North American banks have been doing business in the Bahamas for more than a century and European and Swiss banks have deep roots established over more than 70 years.

    There are over 120 broker dealers and investment advisory firms that offer investment management services, custodial services, corporate services and registrar and transfer agent services. More than 60 fund administrators provide fund administration, corporate services and registrar and transfer agent services. In excess of 700 Funds are licensed in The Bahamas, with assets under management totaling over $200 billion.

    The Bahamas is a favourable jurisdiction for the establishment of family offices, which help wealthy families achieve their goals while dealing with increased regulations, and complex issues of taxation, distribution planning and charitable giving.

    Taxation: the Bahamas remains committed to a tax neutral platform upon which international persons receive the same tax benefits as Bahamians. There is no income, capital gains and inheritance taxes for all who conduct business or reside in the Bahamas.

    Political and Economic Stability: The Bahamas has an outstanding record of political and economic stability, progress and stewardship.
    • More than 280 years of uninterrupted parliamentary democracy;
    • It has been an independent nation since 1973, and retains a Westminster-based system of Government and an English-based legal system;
    • Currency on par with US;
    • Member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of American States and Caribbean Community;

    Regulation: The Bahamas is completely adherent to internationally accepted regulatory principles, and efficiency in their administration. The Bahamas also is an active participant in multilateral organisations established to set and monitor standards for regulation and Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT).

    Permanent Residency Opportunities: The Bahamas has a liberal process for granting Economic Permanent Residency (EPR) that makes it easier for individuals to “follow their money” with respect to where they live and work. There is even an acceleration of the permanent residence application is available for persons who spend a minimum of $500,000 on a residence. For more substantive investments of $1.5 million or greater, applications will be reviewed within 21 days. The permanent residence allows the holder to pass freely through Immigration. There is no requirement to be in the Bahamas a minimum or maximum number of days. Spouses and children are endorsed on the permit for a one-time government fee of $10,000.
    Additional categories include “annual residence” which may be renewed each year, and the “homeowner’s resident card” which does not confer permanent residency privileges, but does permit the holder to move freely through Immigration at any port of entry.
    Regarding Work Permits and Immigration, the Bahamas has a flexible immigration policy which encourages companies to develop Bahamian talent but recognises the needs of international firms, individuals and families to recruit additional human resources abroad.

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